About US

Now a days, parents have to spent a big amount of time in office and they are also anxious about the learning of their beloved child. From that perspective, creative day care and pre schooling center is formed. Our idea is to provide best and knowledge gathering time to the children so that the parents can engage their time to build a secure future for their children. We have trained care takers and nurse. Also, there are many fun activities which are entertaining and knowledgeable at the same time. We maintain a daily report by which parents are able to get a view of their children’s progress. 

Our services in a nutshell


  1. Counting through items
  2. Letters by rhymes and songs
  3. Drawing
  4. Human body parts
  5. Speech development
  6. Story telling
  7. Magic show
  8. Pottery

Medical check up

  1. Monitoring weight, height and oral condition by special nurse
  2. Take necessary measures according to the follow up and inform parents accordingly.

Parents meeting

  1. Inform about the ongoing condition of their children.
  2. Inform about important updates.
  3. Share “do and not to do” list with their children.

Workshop on day care

  1. How to set up a day care?
  2. How to invest?
  3. What will be the marketing policy?
  4. How to manage the tasks?
  5. How to recruit man power and how to distribute works?
Special Edition of ours: “Parenting course”

meet the directors

Ananya Saha

Ms. Ananya Saha, is the dreamer and the founder of creative day care and pre schooling center. She herself is a working mother, who felt the necessity of daycare not only for the children but also for the working mothers as well. To provide enough time to the working mothers, she wants to serve them by taking care of their children.

Mr. Anowarul Haque, is professionally an art director but mentally he is a visionary who cares about children. He is busy with his work but also he manages his time for the daycare and conduct many activities while staying in the day care by himself.

Anowarul Haque

our staffs